Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The TRUTH About Doggett's "Ambush"

The Truth Part I
The Truth Part II

The event did not start out as a mob mentality. True, there were protesters there with signage – but we wanted to hear the questions and the answers that were provided. Unfortunately, the venue chosen, or possibly the lack of foresight on behalf of the Doggett camp, did not allow for such. Heck, maybe it was planned that way, I cannot say. The crowd and current events called for a different type of meeting. His staff should have know it and planned for it.

He was smug. And when we could hear it was obvious that he wasn’t there to hear what the people had to say – we tried – but his mind is made up. He is going to vote in favor of the “HealthCare Plan” when it comes to the floor. It doesn’t matter what his constituents think and he made that very clear. Doggett was heckled when he gave answers (the ones we could hear) he was booed because the crowd did not like his position. And the crowd grew restless and the situation – depending on your view point – went downhill from there. He finally gave up – he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) speak to where we could hear and tried to leave. The crowd began chanting “Just Say No!” under the awning/porch of the Randall’s and it carried loudly!

Doggett tried to walk away – but the crowd followed him. He was followed right out to the car of one of his staffers. By the way – the only staffers he had there were very young girls. They attempted to help him control the crowd. The girl had managed to get the car backed out of the parking space but then it was surrounded. Doggett got in – saw that they wouldn’t be leaving – and he got back out. She started trying to bump the pedestrians with the vehicle. I tapped her windshield and explained that it was assault with a deadly weapon if she touched one of us with that car. He walked to the front of the car to try and walk her out of the parking lot – but the crowd swarmed between him and the car. It was a fiasco. They finally made it out of the parking lot – to cheers and sneers of the crowd having run off the coward.

The event was supposed to have been from 11-12:30 – I was out of there by 12:22 and had visited with many in the parking lot seemed like for 30 minutes or so after Doggett fled with his tail between his legs. I’m guessing it took a good 20 minutes from the time he started trying to leave until he finally did. So, he “spoke” for 30 minutes."

After all of the press of the past few days I firmly believe that Doggett set us up. That his camp knew what they were getting into. He was offered a sound system by the people at Randall's and he refused. It was recommended that he stand in a chair against the back wall so that his voice would project out and he could be heard - he refused.

Everything he said about the event in the press the past few days is a complete and total lie.

Time to send Doggett to the dog house.

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